OKWIT | About
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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who we are

Oklahoma Women in Tech (OKWIT) is a nonprofit organization of professionals in the technology industry, with a determination to bridge the gap between genders in STEM fields.  


We strive to better network and promote women within the industry across Oklahoma, while educating and encouraging young women to continue their interest and studies in STEM fields.

our board


Brandy Semore

President, Executive Director

Stephanie Yeager

Vice President

Diana Varnes


Jil Doll

Treasurer, Financial Coordinator
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our focus

Our focus on women in leadership roles and maintaining longevity in the industry, isn’t just about equality – it’s also about better business.


 Studies show that companies with diverse leadership and teams have higher sales, more customers and larger market share, which they attribute to their ability to differentiate their business strategy and product development.

Together, we will impact not only the next generation’s contribution to technology, but also our own.

our goals

Promote, advocate, and provide thought leadership for women working in technology

Demonstrate that advancing women in STEM related fields help unite the workforce with the world at large by offering differing perspectives and relationships that are invaluable to the health and prosperity of any organization

Help build mentorships and peer-relationships amongst women working in similar fields

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