OKWIT | Membership
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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OKWIT is offering open enrollment for membership as part of our mission to empower
women to be architects of change in the technology industry.


She works for a technology driven organization

She is earning a degree in a STEM related field

She holds a degree in a STEM related field

Her career is simply STEM focused

She may be an engineer, a data analyst, a doctor, a math teacher, a project manager, an event coordinator, etc.
The list goes on. There are more of you than you realize.

As a member you are eligible for these benefits

First to know; receipt of OKWIT newsletter (upcoming events and news)

Discounts on special events

Invitations to attend our OKWIT members-only events

Member profile and listing in the OKWIT Member Database

Opportunity to be highlighted on social media sites

Opportunity to be highlighted and published in our Newsletter

Leadership opportunities in OKWIT


What better way to #BeTheChange than to get involved. Here are a list of our open committees below.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Fall Retreat Chair. In this ½ day event, we will provide women the opportunity to interact with technology and professions in the IT field. We seek to expose girls to the different career tracks with direct mentoring, presentations by area professionals, and hands on exposure to technology.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Event Chair. This committee is responsible for obtaining event space, driving the event agenda, procuring food and drinks as needed, greeting event attendants and registering them, and other tasks as needed for each individual unique event.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Membership Chair. This committee helps OKWIT to attract and maintain members, provide welcoming email to new members, and report on membership activity. First line of contact for membership concerns, questions, and ideas. Also assist helping align members with OKWIT volunteer opportunities.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Spring Retreat Chair. This “Behind The Scenes” event enables not only OKWIT members interested in seeing different companies and their technology, it also provides mentorship opportunities with young women considering a tech career. Most importantly, it engages young girls,13 years and older by introducing them to a world that may otherwise go unseen – to foster an interest for tech/STEM.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Philanthropy Chair. In our efforts to promote and advocate women working in STEM careers and encourage young women to enter STEM fields, OKWIT recognizes the need to partner with other like-minded organizations. We believe that by supporting organizations with goals that align with ours, we become the pebble that leads to socially changing ripples throughout our community. Every quarter, OKWIT selects different non-profits to support and advocate, as a means of achieving our own goals. Committee members are involved in that selection process and drive opportunities for OKWIT to partner and support the selected organization.


Committee members will work under the direction of the Sponsorship Chair. This committee provides follow-ups to interested partners and sponsors, providing details about the levels of sponsorship, and lining up sponsors for upcoming events in advance. Research corporate prospects via web and print articles. Cultivate donor relationships through correspondence, including writing and sending thank-you letters for all corporate contributions, create sponsorship result reports.

Get involved in a committee