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Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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OKWIT now has a Job Board! Check out our first listing with PatientLink!


If you would like to list a job on our job board, email your listing to info@okwit.org

We're just a week away from our OKC May event! This month's networking happy hour will take a fascinating look at the intersection of tech and art. You won't want to miss it! RSVP today. http://ow.ly/ham950hnqdQ

Calling all Tulsa women in tech! Don't forget to RSVP for tomorrow night's networking happy hour event. See you soon! http://ow.ly/vQb350hnpYK

Here's a fantastic opportunity for young women to learn how to code! Open to all middle school and high school girls and their parents. June 19th 5:30-10 pm at Edmond Memorial High School #womenintech #stem

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We love our women coders!!! Shout out to Techlahoma and the 200OK Conference!

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