OKWIT | Ashley Coffey
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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Ashley Coffey

Ashley Coffey

Ashley Coffey is a technologist, brand specialist and speaker. As an OKC native, Ashley has spent the past ten years working in the technology industry and provides expertise to the community on how to use technology as means of empowerment. Ashley has held multiple positions within the private and public sectors such as Apple Inc., Cartograph LLC., Emerging Technologies at OU Libraries, and the Information Technology department at the University of Oklahoma, in addition to launching her own professional photography business in 2010.

Ashley is passionate about connecting people with technology and demystifying what it can do to improve all aspects of everyday life. She is a TEDx speaker and has presented on emerging technologies at nation-wide conferences.

Ashley also serves as President-Elect for local nonprofit, Oklahoma Women in Technology and was a 2016 STEM award recipient for the ’30 Under 30′ program which recognizes young individuals making an impact in their community.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys traveling and spending time in the outdoors with her husband.