OKWIT | Ashlie Cornelius
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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Ashlie Cornelius

Ashlie Cornelius

Where did you go to school?

I studied Advertising and MIS at OU- Boomer Sooner!

Describe the type of work you do:

As a Senior Marketing Specialist, I’m responsible for coordinating and managing corporate events, collateral materials and creative projects, while working with leadership on developing effective territory campaigns.

What led you to a career in technology:

My first internship was for OU IT where there is a strong presence of women leaders. My boss pushed me to try MIS and I loved it.

Why are you an OKWIT member?

I definitely want to make a difference and mentor young people to pursue a career in STEM, just as someone did for me.

Tell us about your favorite book, TV show, or movie:

I just started reading “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. I love how she talks about her struggles of being taken seriously as a woman and her rise to being one of the most successful female comedians/producers. I’m also a netflix junkie and movie connoisseur, so there are definitely too many to name.

What type of music do you listen to?

I love all types of music and traveling to see shows. I’ve seen one band live 56 times!

If you had a day off with no responsibilities, how would you spend it?

I would choose my day off to be in the summer, my favorite season, and lay in the sun all day, either at the pool, lake or on a beach.

What is your favorite app?

I’m a little obsessed with making playlists on Spotify. It’s totally the new age mixed tape.

What would we find in your fridge?

A lot of cheese and like 18 jars of pickles. Random.

If you could change one thing in today’s society, what would it be?

One of my favorite quotes is “Be the Change you wish to see in the world.” I’ve worked hard the past 10 years to be where I am, yet still see a gender gap. I hope by bringing awareness through OKWIT we are able to bridge the gap and create equality in the workforce.