OKWIT | Letter from Outgoing OKWIT Treasurer, Breanna Hites
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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Letter from Outgoing OKWIT Treasurer, Breanna Hites

Letter from Outgoing OKWIT Treasurer, Breanna Hites


It was my privilege to serve as your Executive Treasurer these last two years. I stepped up to serve in OKWIT exec leadership because I wanted this organization to thrive, not just survive. OKWIT will dissolve if people do not stand up and give with their time, money and talents.

I am passionate about this organization because I know this organization is making a big impact for students, teachers, professionals, leaders and companies in Oklahoma. I found myself constantly recharged by my personal experiences and the many stories I experienced firsthand.

I was proud to have served with a strong, diverse group of women who always spoke their mind for the best of this organization. As an executive team member, I was honored to speak with individuals and companies about their passions, challenges, questions, and opportunities. I was proud to connect these companies and individuals to this organization and witness our community eagerly support OKWIT financially.

Managing our organizations finances to best allocate our resources to make the greatest impact and set us up for future success pushed me out of my comfort zone in many new ways. The exec team had to have hard conversations about priorities, opportunities and the future of OKWIT these last two years. In doing so, I am so thankful for the experience and personal growth that came from this role.

There are many amazing individuals and businesses, current and past, supporting this organization openly and behind the scenes, and to them I say – I saw you and you were constantly encouraging us to do more than we ever thought possible, THANK YOU!

To my fellow exec board and directors- you give OKWIT many hours of your time, it was a true joy to work with you all and constantly converse and brainstorm on amazing ideas, unique challenges, and how we could further bridge the gender gap in STEM in Oklahoma. Thank you for your grace, your patience, your eagerness, and your passion. You helped me become a better overall leader and advocate for individuals who do not experience inclusivity and should.

I’m very grateful to be leaving my role in Rebecca’s talented hands knowing this organization is in the best current and future financial health it’s ever been in.

As my husband and I welcome our daughter into the world in 2021, I hope the foundation of the work we do today will continue to be seen in the world she grows up in. My hope is she is inspired, empowered, encouraged, educated and included. I hope the need for this organization will become obsolete when she begins exploring her career options in 2041. I hope men and women continue to get involved in OKWIT’s mission sooner rather than later, so we can all enjoy working in diverse and authentically inclusive workplaces.

Until then, I will continue to support this amazing organization, and encourage you to do the same.

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Breanna Hites