OKWIT | Fall Retreat
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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2021 Fall Retreat

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This half-day event will educate young adults on the variety of career opportunities available for women in STEM. This free-to-attend event includes several sessions to meet and interact with women who make an impact in tech roles and companies across our state. Participants will see first-hand what it is like to have a career in the growing tech industry as well as the many forms a tech career can take in today’s day and age.

Who can attend?
In recognition of the ongoing gender gap in IT within the classroom and in the workforce, we specifically market this event to females in local area high schools or high school graduates (grades 10-12+). While this event targets women, we openly welcome men who want to engage in the conversation and contribute to a more equitable, diverse society. Participants can register as individuals, or as larger groups with dedicated chaperones.


What is the cost to attend?
Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and donors, this event is free to all participants and chaperones.


How can I volunteer to help with the retreat?
To volunteer for the fall retreat and other OKWIT opportunities, please email info@okwit.org.


Do you accept donations?
Yes! OKWIT is 100% funded by donations and volunteer-led. Please find our link below to donate directly through our PayPal, or email info@okwit.org for larger sponsorship opportunities.

Here’s what our 2020 Fall Retreat Schedule looked like … 

8:00 AM
Welcome/ Opening Remarks / Overview of Retreat

8:10–8:30 AM
Keynote Speaker

8:30–9:30 AM
3 Breakout Rooms

Speed Networking Sessions

Closing Remarks


We are currently planning our 2021 Fall Retreat! To stay in the loop through our newsletter or to volunteer for the fall retreat, please email info@okwit.org.


A lot of planning and support goes into a day like our OKWIT Fall Retreat. If you’d like to receive information on volunteer opportunities with OKWIT, click below.

We are able to put these great events on from our wonderful sponsors. If you’re interested in supporting our Fall or Spring Retreat through a donation, click below.