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Admissions Representative (Tulsa)

Admissions Representative (Tulsa)

Posted 5 months ago

Admissions Representative (Tulsa)

Holberton Tulsa—Admissions Department

About Holberton Tulsa

Holberton is a software engineering school with a mission to empower motivated and talented people, regardless of background, age, experience, or financial ability, to succeed in their dream career. We are driven by a passion to enable people all over the world from all walks of life to learn how to code.

Holberton School is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of a developing and expanding society in a highly advanced technological community. Our mission is to provide learners with the skills and technical knowledge needed for initial employment in entry-level positions. The institution is committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements needed to be successful in a career in software engineering.

Holberton has decided to take an innovative approach to educate its students for a career in software engineering. We do this by focusing on and engaging our students in project-based and peer learning. As a result, students will develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, project management, time management, researching information, goal setting and learn how to prioritize. Thus, providing our graduates with the academic, cognitive, and professional skills necessary for career advancement.

Holberton School Tulsa opened in 2020 in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Although Holberton Tulsa has not had a graduating class yet, graduates at other Holberton schools have gone on to work for LinkedIn, Google, Tesla, Docker, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Genentech, IBM, and more.

Department: Admissions
Job Title: Admissions Representative
Location: Oklahoma (local only, no remote work)

Job Description:

At Holberton School, we are dedicated to our students’ success and committed to providing them with our best service from start to finish. Our helpful admission representative will assist students define their goals and choose a fulfilling program. Our experienced education facilitators will educate their students and provide hands-on training. Our devoted staff will support and help every student complete their program, and once they graduate, they’ll assist the student with their job search.

The Admissions Representative is responsible for providing quality customer service and information to prospective students that are interested in pursuing career education and training. This position is responsible for conducting outbound telephone calls to individuals who have inquired about campus programs of study, meeting with prospective students, answering questions, hosting campus tours, conducting interviews, facilitating enrollments, and participating in new-student orientation. This position is responsible for the enrollment of students in programs of study which meet the student’s interests and career goals. At all times, enrollment practices must be ethical and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Tasks include:

  • Recruits and enrolls qualified applicants into programs of study beneficial to the students career objectives and academic needs in an efficient and supportive manner utilizing sales and marketing techniques that may include group presentations/events, campus tours, on and off-site job fairs and other methods as applicable.
  • Establishes relationships with prospective students primarily through voice-to-voice communication followed by email and electronic outreach.
  • Maintains relationships with incoming students and works with the education team to coordinate student hand off for continuity of the student experience.
  • Understands and conforms to the school’s philosophy of truly caring about students.
  • Empathizes with prospective and enrolled students with professionalism and respect.
  • Learns and maintains specific program knowledge, program objectives, enrollment process, requirements, and content offered by the university in order to make a complete and factual presentation to prospective students and other interested parties.

Work Activities

  • Handle high-volume outbound and inbound telephone calls, responding in a timely manner to all inquiries about student interest and enrollment.
  • Share information with prospective students about campus and program opportunities.
  • Schedule campus visits for prospective students, conduct campus tours, and facilitate new student registration.
  • Follow-up with new students ensuring their positive transition to being an active student.
  • Contribute to school initiatives and outcomes.
  • Establish relationships with prospective students primarily through voice-to-voice communication followed by email and electronic outreach.
  • Understand and conform to the Holberton philosophy of truly caring about students.
  • Empathize with prospective and enrolled students with professionalism and respect.
  • Learn and maintain specific program knowledge, program objectives, enrollment process, requirements, and content offered by Holberton in order to make a complete and factual presentation to prospective students and other interested parties.
  • Represent Holberton in a positive manner by acting as a first point of contact to engage and speak with prospective students to enroll in school.
  • Provide information to potential students through face-to-face communication, phone calls, emails, or mail campaigns as approved regarding courses offered and policies and procedures.
  • Assist potential students with filling out admission forms.
  • Set appointments, conduct interviews and tours, and enroll prospective students.
  • Understand all enrollment paperwork, review students’ applications for eligibility.
  • Follow-up with newly enrolled students to ensure they attend orientation, start class, and post assignments to meet start criteria.
  • Acquire referrals from enrollees and current students.
  • Assist students in making appropriate career choices through program selection.
  • Represent Holberton at career fairs, high schools and other student events, as needed.
  • Answer questions regarding academic programs.
  • Complete Activity Report and submit daily.
  • Ensure proper completion of student information is uploaded into the school’s internal management software database immediately following any communication with the student.
  • Occasionally provide informational admissions presentations to various groups.
  • Adhere to assigned work schedule.
  • Be familiar with the school catalog.
  • Participate in the school objectives of meeting and maintaining goals.
  • Attend various professional growth activities to maintain qualifications.
  • Follow-up with new students ensuring their positive transition to being an active student.
  • Develop student referral inquiries.
  • Ensure all paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned

Work Context

  • Requires sitting
  • Requires public speaking
  • Requires telephone and multimedia conversations
  • Requires writing letters and emails
  • Requires face-to-face and virtual discussions with individuals and teams
  • Requires attention to detail
  • Requires touring potential students around campus in formal and informal ways
  • Requires meeting strict deadlines
  • Requires working indoors

Education and Experience

The individual shall meet the following educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required from an academic institution accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • 2 years of sales experience or related experience with preference given to those with direct education-based admissions experience.


  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Phone (Mobile/Landline)

Basic Skills

  • Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills with demonstrated success in collaborating with diverse groups of employees and customers.
  • Strong presentation skills & must be detail oriented.
  • Ability to deliver consistent levels of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Thrives in an observation/coaching style environment. Open to constructive supervision
  • Pro-active problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to handle frequent interruptions and work independently.
  • Competent in priority setting.
  • Ability to foster creativity.
  • Strong computer software skills including Microsoft Word and Excel, in addition to industry-related software applications.
  • Time Management

Desktop Computer Skills

  • Word Processing: Using a computer application to type text, insert pictures, format, edit, print, save, and retrieve word processing documents.
  • Databases: Using a computer application to manage large amounts of information, including creating and editing simple databases, inputting data, retrieving specific records, and creating reports to communicate the information.

Professional Development/Growth

Individuals fulfilling this position are required to maintain professional development. Documentation providing proof of professional development must be provided to the Executive Director and a copy will be maintained in the respective employee’s employment file. Professional development actives need to occur minimally, twice a year. Acceptable activities include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Attend webinars or training sessions regarding Admissions training.
  • Take relevant courses and/or certification exams.

In-Service Training Requirements

In-service training is provided to individuals fulfilling this position to enhance their skills set. Holberton provides its employees with access to webinars, training sessions, and a collection of professional materials to keep abreast of current requirements, techniques, best practices, and policies and procedures. Training will occur during regular and on-going meetings.

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