OKWIT | Software Dev Sr Policy Admin Apps – (OKC)
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Software Dev Sr Policy Admin Apps – (OKC)

Software Dev Sr Policy Admin Apps – (OKC)

Oklahoma City
Posted 2 years ago

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Analyze, architect, design, engineer, develop, test (both Unit and
Automated testing), and assist in the implementation of creative,
innovative, and secure software applications, APIs, and web services
according to business requirements and to solve business problems.
Understand the holistic overview of systems including the underlying
application infrastructure, associated data models, and internal
interactions within a particular software domain. Perform software
integration across domains, platforms, and environments.
• Identify and correct software defects, assist business end-users with
system capabilities and research, perform technical system
configuration, and identify software deficiencies and alternate solutions
for software applications. Partner with vendors for defect resolution as
needed. Independently resolve issues of a high complexity.
• Perform software development activities, research requests, and
project management activities including planning, estimating,
managing, communicating, and coordinating large software
development projects and activities of high complexity for new software
or enhancements to existing software. Collaborate with business endusers
to define requirements and acceptance criteria for new features
or systems and assist business end-users with navigation of IT processes as needed.


High degree of expertise in organizationally accepted programming, scripting,
and markup languages (e.g., C# .NET, Java, Swift, JavaScript, T-SQL,
2. High degree of expertise in the usage of tools used for software development
(e.g., Visual Studio, Chrome Developer Tools, SQL Server Enterprise
Manager, SSRS)
3. High degree of knowledge of the principles and patterns of system design (e.g.,
4. Strongly skilled in object oriented design
5. Strongly skilled in object relational mapping (ORM)
6. Highly skilled in testing patterns (e.g., unit testing, inversion of control,
dependency injection)
7. Highly skilled with data analysis, test design, and test automation focusing on
functional, security, performance and mobile testing.
8. Strongly skilled in the development of web services (e.g., SOAP and REST)
9. Strongly skilled in the use of code repository tools such as SVN and GitHub
10. Strongly skilled in the use of Continuous Integration technology using Jenkins
11. For developers in specialized areas, high degree of skill in additional
technologies or toolsets may be used (e.g., Force.com, Eclipse, PeopleTools,
12. Strong understanding of secure coding techniques and best practices
13. Strong skill in software analysis, design, and problem resolution
14. Strong understanding of web application architecture
15. Strong understanding of the software development process
16. Proven understanding of organizationally accepted technology standards
17. Strong understanding of software development in a multi-platform
environment such as Mac, Unix, and Microsoft
18. High degree of understanding of hardware, storage, networking and other
infrastructure and data components as it relates to software development
19. High degree of understanding of organizationally approved project
management methodologies (e.g. Agile/Scrum, Waterfall)

1. Proven written and oral communication skills. Must be able to communicate
and collaborate with a wide variety of audiences such as other software
developers, engineers, architects, business analysts, software testers,
management, and business stakeholders
2. Proven ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and within scope
3. Possesses well-developed motivational, professional, and leadership qualities
4. Positive attitude with the ability to work in ever-changing environment
5. Proven commitment to meeting organizational and departmental goals and
6. Strong analytical, statistical, and organizational skills with strong attention to
7. Inquisitive and proactive with an ability to work independently and a desire to
continuously learn new skills and technologies; takes initiative and is a
solution seeker
8. Thrives in a team environment and develops excellent relationships with
certificates, registrations or exams passed that are required to perform the essential
duties of this job.
One or more of the following or equivalent technical certifications and FLMI
certification is recommended but not required:
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
IEEE Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)
LOMA Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI)

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