OKWIT | Mentoring Program
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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Mentoring Program

The Oklahoma Women in Technology Mentoring Program is offered specifically to OKWIT members who are serious about their career and personal growth. Women and men who participate in the OKWIT Mentoring Program are confident in their ability to learn from others. They take an active role towards achieving their own potential. Thus, OKWIT has created an environment to foster professional relationships for members of all ages and all stages in STEM careers.

Just 29% of workers in management positions in Oklahoma are women.


Program Goals include these benefits:


  • Expand personal networks and deepen connections
  • Encourage knowledge expansion and skill development
  • Promote self-reflection and encourage continuous improvement


To meet program goals, the 2019 mentoring program is designed around the concept of mentoring circles. A seasoned STEM professional will provide insights from her or his experience from the perspective of one of our designated focuses.  Four gatherings are scheduled both in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.


Mentors will facilitate discussions in one of the program focuses.


1.Behind the Scenes – Often we have set for ourselves the goal of being a manager, director, or a CXO because the path to that role seems logical for one’s career. Yet do we really understand the day-to-day activities and challenges of holding such a position? What is it really like to head a department or lead a division? What skills, knowledge, and credentials are needed to sit in that seat? Were there specific preparations to obtain the position? And once in the role, how does one traverse the day? The mentor will share “a day in the life of her/his role” and what it took to get there and retain the position.


2. Trendy Topics – STEM fields are exciting and challenging due to the ever-changing environment. New products, innovative processes, creative ideas. How does one stay up to date and informed while performing her/his day-to-day job requirements? A popular topic or trending product/idea/concept will be presented by a subject matter expert. These sessions are strategic, allowing for discussion of pros and cons when considering the value of the trend for one’s organization.


3. The Enlightened Professional – Let’s face it. Life is full and frenetic for a professional. While much is offered regarding life balance – and we all believe we need it – what is it we are truly striving for as human beings rather than human doings?  Creating a professional life while maintaining oneself as a “whole” person can be challenging. The mentor will facilitate a discussion on personal tools to achieve one’s nirvana. These discussion topics may include creativity, communication, conflict management, leadership, finding your dream job, discovering your “place” or other soft skills by your request.

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How Can you help?

Help us by joining OKWIT and volunteering today.

If you’re interested in playing a part in this community-changing endeavor, please email us at info@okwomenintech.org.