OKWIT | Partnerships
Providing a forum for women in technology in Oklahoma
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We are glad you’re interested in joining our family of partners!

OKWIT is focused on providing meaningful opportunities for women working in STEM related careers in Oklahoma. With the help of our partners, we are able to provide monthly meet-up events, behind-the-scene tours of the tech

industry and scholarships. Our partners receive the benefit of being featured on our website, recognized on our social media accounts, and publicized in email communication to our members.

Corporate Level Sponsorships

With a Corporate Level Sponsorship, you are not only able to impact all aspects of an OKWIT member's experience but you would be contributing to the long-term viability of OKWIT. Sponsorships range from $5k to $15k and help us provide networking and professional development events, scholarships and more!


Our scholarships benefit students in undergraduate/graduate level STEM related courses of study. Each $2500 scholarship will be given yearly. Level of scholarships are silver ($500), gold ($1,000), platinum ($2,500).

Fall Retreat

Support OKWIT as they introduce high school-aged girls to careers in tech. This one day retreat held off campus involves keynote speakers discussing different career paths for women in technology. Level of scholarships are bronze ($250), silver ($500), gold ($1500), platinum ($2000).

Spring Retreat

The “Behind the Scenes” event supports OKWIT members and young women interested in discovering different companies and their technology. By engaging young girls, 13 years + OKWIT is fostering an interest for tech/STEM. Level of scholarships are bronze ($250), silver ($500), gold ($1500), platinum ($2000).

Be a part of something that will not only impact social change for
women in technology today, but create a better tomorrow!